Factors to consider when looking for nitro RC cars

Nitro RC cars are remote controlled vehicles which are powered by nitro-methane fuel. The cars are great for both young and older people. It is therefore very important to think deeply before deciding on purchasing one. Among the things to factor in, is the road of usage and location, this is because some tracks are specifically designed for smaller vehicles and others for the bigger ones. Nitro RC cars are widely known for their great speed making them relatively more expensive as compared to electrical ones.

Here are some of the factors to put into consideration before making the final purchase of the nitro RC cars:

  • Production of the nitro cars

There are a lot of replications in the industry, some which might be below the bar. It is therefore important to be sure about the nitro RC cars production company in order to avoid buying the fake quality. Be sure to go for what you are exactly looking for.

  • Topographical area

The cars are known to track well in any terrain be it on wet roads or tarmacked. The nitrous cars are very fast as a result of their engine being powered by the nitrogenous gas. The gas is safely stored it the car’s gas cylinders for continued powering. http://rcstate.com/7-best-nitro-rc-cars/

  • The scale

This simply means the size of the car. RC cars, be it the nitro Rc or any other type of car, are available in a number of sizes. The key thing to note about this is, the larger the scale numbers the smaller the machine. Small scale numbers represent bigger car size. Go out and shop for that car of your preference with the right scale in mind. Your driving skills and experience will also be of great importance when deciding on the car that befits you. Vehicles which are bigger have 1/5 and ¼ scales whereas small cars scales is 1/64 which simply a matchbox size car. The average cars have a scale of 1/10.

  • Experience

Opt for a nitrous car depending on your driving experience gained over time. Most nitrous cars come in large sizes with a scale of 1/5. This is because the gas engines are big in sizes and require bigger cars to accommodate the engine. However, the recent development has it that a smaller nitrous car with a scale of 1/8 is about to hit the market. It comes with an equally small sized gas engine recently produced.

  • Built it yourself /ready to run

RTR could be the best alternative for you who have no idea when it comes to RC motor vehicle assembling. Be cautious to ensure that the machine has all the details required for it to run fully.  Some RTR cars require extra equipment to eventually hit the road while others are in perfect condition to get to their first task.  On the other hand, build it yourself will require you to build the machine with the parts presented, the gear and as well paint the body. According to most kits, this would range from the receiver and transmitter of the system, speed control, a steering servo, and motor. The main advantage of going for the kit is that you will have a great understanding of how your machine operates to the very tiny detail when finally driving it. With this, you will become more knowledgeable and save some few coins that would have been spent in the event that a person did for you. To top it all up, it is very fulfilling generated by the sense of your accomplishment.


Just remember that the above needs to be taken into consideration but in line with your budget. Simply go for that nitro RC car that is within your budget and enjoy your next race to the fullest.