Traditional and Alternative Menopause Treatments

Traditional Menopause Treatments

By traditional menopause treatments, I am referring to treatments prescribed by your medical practitioner.

My goal here is to briefly outline some of the main medical menopause treatments available. I will explore these in more detail in another section.

When a woman is in peri menopause a doctor may suggest birth control pills particularly if you are having problems with very heavy, frequent or unpredictable menstrual periods. Birth control pills will make your periods more regular and may also help with menopause symptoms like hot flashes.

However, birth control pills can mask the arrival of menopause. If you are taking the pill for menopause symptom relief, you can stop taking it for awhile and see if you start having regular menstrual periods again. This can become a problem if you are already taking the pill as a contraceptive.

Of course, for menopause your doctor may suggest you take the most commonly prescribed medication for balancing hormones and menopause symptom relief, hormone replacement therapy or HRT. Hormone replacement therapy usually involves taking a combination of estrogen plus progestin.

HRT can be taken in many forms: pills, skin patches, creams, or vaginal inserts depending on the woman. HRT may relieve the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and help reduce bone loss, but hormone replacement therapy does have its risks.

Alternative Menopause Treatments

By alternative menopause treatments, I am referring to menopause treatments suggested by a naturopath, homeopath and the many natural nutritional supplements available that are effective in menopause symptom relief.

Again, my goal here is to briefly outline some of the main alternative menopause treatments or natural menopause treatments available for menopause. I will explore these in more detail in another section.

These natural products available for menopause symptom relief contain phytoestrogens or estrogen-like substances. These are found in cereals, vegetables, legumes and herbs.

Soy, wild yam, black cohosh, red clover, evening primrose oil, bilberry and dong quai are foods and herbs that contain phytoestrogens which may relieve symptoms of menopause naturally.

For the most part herbal remedies used as menopause treatments are safe. Herbal sources are even used in the manufacture of some of the traditional menopause treatments such as estrogen and progesterone.

Small plant compounds can produce the desired effects of estrogen and progesterone in a woman’s body, particularly if her symptoms are not too severe.

In the U.S. the limited scientific studies carried out using herbal remedies to treat menopause symptoms have been encouraging. In Germany 70% of physicians prescribe herbal remedies to treat the symptoms of menopause. A recent study done in the UK shows many women are seeking natural alternatives for hormone replacement therapy.

I will tell you why, because STUDIES have shown estrogen with progesterone in proper levels won’t, WON’T cause breast cancer. Estrogen unopposed will cause breast cancer.

Remember the women’s health initiative study that stirred the medical community and rocked the pharmaceutical company’s profits?

Well that study proved that synthetics caused more cancer problems and a whole host of other problems. Now, if the essential sex hormones were the culprits, we would all have cancer at an early age. Let’s look at our food supplies and pollution consumption.

Yes consumption. Our foods are laden with pesticides and herbacides, the air we breath contains pollutants; these become weak estrogens. Our meat industry continues to pump estrogen into the meats to enlarge them for more profit.

Now, you combine these two estrogenic consumed products- you have too much estrogen without the opposing progesterone.

Estrogen tells cells to multiply where as progesterone tells the cells to stop and “get on with their appointed job”. Without progesterone, estrogen will have free reign and begin to tell the cells to continue to multiply, they won’t stop until told.

Synthetic hormones won’t help because the body only recognize bodily identical hormones in order for them to be of any use, any thing else will be stored in the fat cells–INDEFINITELY!

The medical community’s answer for taking care of the unopposed estrogen is to take out the ovaries! You take out the ovaries you take out the main source of progesterone. Now, the women will have low to no progesterone output stopping the natural function of estrogen.

Estrogen happily continues to tell the cells to multiply. The medical community is still baffled and prescribes synthetic estrogen and PROGESTIN (not the same as progesterone) causing more problems: more estrogen and synthetics will now be stored in the fat cells.

AAHHHH! I don’t need to watch horror shows, I read medical information!

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